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A professional soccer player from France, Matteo Elias Kenzo Guendouzi Olie is popularly known as Matteo Guendouzi. He plays as a midfielder for the French U-21 national team and Premier League club Arsenal. As a young player, he began his career in 2005 at the academy of Paris-Saint-Germain, where he played at the junior level. In 2014, he moved to Lorient after having remained at the club for nine long years. He found his place as a senior player at Lorient after just one year with the club. Having spent a year at Lorient, he then joined Arsenal where he is currently plying his trade.Matthew joined the France U-18 national team in 2016 and has been a part of the France set-up since that time. Matteo’s Arsenal teammate Martin claimed, during the month of December 2018, that Matteo let the team down at the Hippy Crack. There was a great deal of tension between the two Arsenal players after that statement. It was officially announced on 6 July 2021 that Guendouzi had been loaned out to Ligue 1 club Marseille for the 2021–22 Ligue 1 season. Guendouzi was given an option to buy the player if certain conditions were met.

Matteo Guendouzi Bio/Wiki

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Life Journey

The Full Story of news4buffalo presents the life story of a football genius best known by the nickname, “The New Vieira”.A complete account of Matteo Guendouzi’s youth, as well as Untold Facts about Matteo Guendouzi’s biography, will present to you a full account of memorable events from his childhood years until the present.He has been analyzed in terms of his family background, his life story before fame, his ascent to fame story, his relationship, and his personal life. Other off-pitch facts that are not well known about him have also been discussed.The fact that he is instantly recognizable by his long hair allows for him to be instantly recognizable by anyone. In spite of this, only a few people consider Matteo Guendouzi’s biography, which is quite interesting as well. Without further ado, let us get started.As a matter of fact, the full name of Matteo Guendouzi Olie is Matteo Guendouzi Olie. In the year 1999, Matteo Guendouzi was born on the 14th day of April in Poissy, France. Both of his parents were born in the Moroccan country Africa, where his family has its roots.It is important to note that both his parents left Morocco early on and chose to immigrate to France in order to enjoy more favorable economic conditions. Both his father and mother left Morocco when he was still a child and chose to immigrate to France in order to benefit from a favorable economic situation.In his early years, Guendouzi lived in Poissy, a city in the former royal kingdom of France, where Peugeot and Siemens produce their products. From Poissy, it takes about 20 minutes by train to reach Paris. When he was a child, he was not just alone with his mom and dad, but he also had his sister.Olivier Giroud Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Father, Family, Net Worth & WikiGuidouzi grew up with his siblings, a brother named Milan, and a sister whose name is relatively unknown to most people.Today, both siblings are able to enjoy the benefits of having their big brother playing in the top flight of football, a fulfillment of the Guendouzi family dream.A more personal note about Guendouzi’s early life would be that he grew up to be a child with a strong temperament. There is nothing abnormal about this temperament, it only appears when his ability to achieve a goal or set a target is hampered.His long-term goal from a young age has been to become a professional football player. He has exhibited a temperamental quality throughout the duration of achieving this goal. The article will provide you with a great deal of information about this.In the beginning, Guendouzi was seen as a child who ate, drank, and slept with his football. It was in those days when everyone in Guendouzi’s home and in the surrounding Poissy neighborhood enjoyed him because he was a good kid who had an innate and deep belief in himself.The desire for Guendouzi to become a footballer started when he was a youngster, thanks to the club of his heart – Arsenal FC.Did you know that?The first thing Guendouzi has seen as a child is the videos of Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, and others who made history in 2004 when they became the first team to win the premier league title unbeaten.In the following year of 2005, Matted Guendouzi’s parents took their son for a trial at the neighboring PSG team, which was only 29 minutes drive from their home. As a result of his successful trial, he was able to start his career in full swing.Early on in his youth career, Matteo Guendouzi became someone who would train all day without a thing to show for it. Despite all his hard work, his performance on the field of play would go unnoticed.As a result of this situation, Guendouzi and his family felt a great deal of frustration and fear since they knew that a poor performance would result in his release of him from his youth club. Guendouzi made the unfortunate decision to allow fear and insecurity to get the better of him. In the year 2013, when he was 14 years old, he was ejected from PSG for underperformance due to his age.Under Matteo Guendouzi’s fears, a great opportunity lay buried somewhere in the north-western part of France. The same year he was released from PSG, FC Lorient had just opened its academy for business at the time he was let go from PSG.Guindouzi took advantage of this opportunity, quickly enrolled, and had a successful trial with Lorient. Happy him! It was at Lorient that he found the courage to kick off his fearless journey. Combined with hard work, more enthusiasm, and a natural ability to hold on to the thing he loves the most, football, he was able to achieve his goal.As a result of his performance, it did not take long before Guendouzi’s teammates began comparing their fellow countrymen to Adrien Rabiot.He was praised for being calm in possession and very effective when it came to breaking up plays. I am sure that Guendouzi became the best player on every team he played for, just like any other talented youngster. After Guidouzi’s revitalized youth career, his parents allowed his little brother Milan to join him at Lorient, where he remains today.In addition to his hard work, Guendouzi inspired Lorient to win their first tournament in the under-17 age group in France in 2015. It wasn’t just his victory that vindicated him, but it also earned him the nickname “David Luiz” as he was compared to the Brazilian at the time.As a result of his victory at the tournament, Guendouzi was promoted to Lorient’s first team. It was well-timed, as it happened on the day of his 18th birthday.In his first season for the club, Guendouzi’s team finished in seventh place, which disappointed him. This situation conflicted with the player’s desire to play in the top division of the French league. Guendouzi’s individual bravery on the field was not matched by his teammates, who were content to remain in the French second division.After only a few minutes, his temper erupted, resulting in a dispute with his manager, former French goalkeeper Mickael Landreau. In their game against Valenciennes, Mickael Landreau had him withdrawn from his teammates before the halftime break.The consequences of Guendouzi’s actions were enormous. For three months, he was excluded from the squad.As a result, he refused to return to the squad when he was recalled by his coach. When Guendouzi started missing games, he decided he would not sign another contract.The Arsenal management – far away from London – heard about Guendouzi’s love for the club. He pointed out to Arsenal scouts that the club was the only one that could allow him to grow as a player during interviews.Do You Know?Paris Saint-Germain wanted Guendouzi back, whom they once released. But the former Arsenal player simply refused to return. All he wanted was to join a team he had always wanted to join since childhood, a team closest to his heart.In light of this amazing development, Unai Emery decided to send scouts to investigate. The team quickly accepted him, accelerated the transfer process, and won the race to sign him. Teenagers who are doing well like him are rare at Arsenal, but Guendouzi is different.All he wanted was a club that would nurture him as well as make him very happy. After joining Arsenal, Guendouzi’s midfield creativity became more appreciated than Granit Xhaka’s. As a result, he won the club’s player of the month award for August 2018.As they say, the rest is history.Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth & WikiIn early 2019, Matteo Guendouzi met with his wife. During that time, he was playing for Arsenal, but he wasn’t a big star. Mae was fascinated by the French star despite his stardom. As both were interested in taking the relationship forward, their conversation went further after their first meeting. They started dating.They began sharing their secrets as soon as they felt comfortable around each other. Despite career pressure, Guendouzi’s love story was advancing quickly. Only a few months later, they were in love. In July 2019, they made their relationship public on Instagram. The couple decided to make their relationship official after deciding they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.They tied the knot in December 2019 in a private ceremony attended only by a few close friends and family members. Since then, they have remained inseparable. The trust they have in each other has made them a happy couple.Guendouzi announced the couple was expecting a child during a goal celebration in 2021. The couple welcomed their first daughter in May 2021.Apart from his career, Guendouzi enjoys a good relationship with Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. They have a wonderful bromance, especially when they travel together for away games. Among the two friends, Guendouzi is closer to Lacazette, whom he frequently mocks on Twitter.The presence of Guendouzi, whether on the pitch or with friends, signals the beginning of something explosive and dynamic. He is someone who likes to be the first at everything, from career skills to social gatherings.Guendouzi is naturally brave and rarely afraid of risk and trial. His youthful strength and energy are inspiring.

Matteo Guendouzi Net Worth

What is his salary in 2022?In July 2018 the midfielder signed a contract with Arsenal that netted him a salary of 2 million euros (1.8 Million pounds) per year. According to our calculations, this means he earns €5,464 (£4,817) per day and €228 (£201) per hour!

‎Salary & Net Worth Updated 2022

Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx) 3.4 Million Euros (3 Million Pounds)
Estimated Net Worth in 2021 (Approx) Not Available
Annual Salary 2 million euros (1.8 Million pounds)
Per Month Salary €166,667 (£144,928)
Per Week Salary €38,462 (£33,445)
Per Day Salary €5,479 (£4,765)
Per Hour Salary €228 (£198)
Per Minute Salary €4 (£3)
Current Contract With Arsenal FC
Contract Signed Jul 6, 2021
Contract Expires Jun 30, 2022
Contract Signing Amount $24.20 Million
Market Value $24.20 Million
Highest Market Value $55.00 Million (Dec 10, 2019)
Endorsements $1-$5 Million
Income Source Professional Footballer
Cars Collection BMWMatteo Guendouzi With His Car

He’s been playing pro football for a few years now, but he’s still a rookie. He will earn a lot more money at Arsenal than he did at Lorient, so we expect his Net Worth to increase over the next few years. Currently, the amount is around 3.4 Million Euros (3 Million Pounds). His market value is on the As a result of his move from Lorient to Arsenal, he has already proven himself to be an important player, especially when looking into the future. The market value of his shares is estimated to be approximately $24.20 million.

Matteo Guendouzi In FIFA 2022

Matttéo Guendouzi is currently 23 years old, and he plays for Olympique de Marseille in France as a central midfielder. He has an overall rating of 80 with a potential rating of 86 in FIFA 22. The skill moves of Guendouzi have been rated four stars. The Frenchman prefers to shoot with his right foot. His workrates are Medium / High. Our database suggests that Guidouzi’s height is 185 cm and his weight is 68 kg, based on our analysis. It appears that Mattéo Guendouzi is playing with the numbers 17 and 6 at the moment.Cesc Fàbregas Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Career, Net Worth & WikiThe following are his best stats:

  • Stamina: 88
  • Short Pass: 85
  • Aggression: 84
  • Interceptions: 83
  • Vision: 83

Club Career

Guidouzi started his career in the academy of Paris Saint-Germain when he was six years old. After leaving Paris, he joined the academy of Lorient in 2014. In 2016, he was promoted to the first team after representing the reserve side of Lorient for a year.


  • The Lorient defender made his debut for the club on 15 October 2016, in the Ligue 1 match against Nantes in a 1–2 defeat.
  • During his first season with Lorient in 2016–17, the team was relegated to the second tier at the end of the season when he played nine times in all competitions.
  • Lorient missed out on promotion to Ligue 1, finishing seventh in the table, during the 2017–18 season in which Guendouzi played 21 times for the club.


  • During the summer transfer window, on the 11th of July 2018, it was announced that French winger Lucas Guendouzi had joined Premier League club Arsenal for an undisclosed fee, believed to be in the region of £7m plus bonuses.
  • The head coach of the club, Unai Emery, told reporters: “He is a talented young player and a lot of clubs were interested in signing him.
  • We see a lot of potential in him, and he gained good first-team experience last season with Lorient. He has a great desire to learn and improve, and he will play a very important role for the first team”.
  • Guendouzi made his Premier League debut on 12 August 2018 in Arsenal’s opening match of the season against defending champions Manchester City where he made 72 touches, more than any other player on his team.
  • It ended in a 0–2 defeat for Arsenal. It was the first professional goal of his career when Guendouzi scored on 4 October 2018, rounding off the scoring for Arsenal’s away win over Qarabağ, a low drive from just inside the penalty area, after an assist from Alexandre Lacazette.
  • During Arsenal’s Europa League final against Chelsea on 29th May 2019, Guendouzi was the only player to come off the bench. The Gunners ultimately lost 1-4.
  • On 20 June 2020, following a post-match altercation with Brighton player Neal Maupay, Guendouzi was excluded from Arsenal training and left out of the squad for the club’s matches due to a history of problems with his “attitude and general conduct.”

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Loan to Hertha BSC

  • It was announced on the 5th of October 2020 that Guendouzi would be loaned out to Hertha BSC for the duration of the 2020-21 season.
  • On 1 November 2020, Guendouzi made his debut in a 1–1 draw against VfL Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga.
  • It was on 12 December 2020 that he scored his first goal for the club and the first game ended in a 1-1 draw against Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Bundesliga.


  • During the 2021–22 Ligue 1 season, it was announced that Guendouzi was to be loaned out to Ligue 1 club Marseille for the upcoming season.
  • As part of the deal, there was an option to buy, provided certain conditions were met.
  • After a promising start to his Marseille career, Dimitri Payet is quickly gaining the respect of the fans for his play and his stand up for the team – including during a match against Nice, where he protected team-mate Dimitri Payet from fans storming onto the pitch, by the way, leaving strangle marks on his neck during the process.

International Career

  • Guidouzi was born in a suburb of Paris, France, in the year 1999. Guidouzi played for France at a number of levels up to that of the French U20 team.
  • With a Moroccan heritage, Guendouzi was approached by Morocco manager Hervé Renard in 2017 to change allegiances and play for the national team.
  • In March 2017, after Guendouzi’s father met Renard, Guendouzi decided to stay and pledge allegiance to France.
  • Guendouzi was called up to the French senior team for the first time on 2 September, replacing an injured Paul Pogba in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers against Albania and Andorra.
  • In both matches, he was an unused substitute. Guendouzi was called up to the France squad on 1 September 2021, replacing the injured Corentin Tolisso for the World Cup Qualification matches against Bosnia, Ukraine, and Finland.
  • He made his debut against Finland on 16 November 2021 in a World Cup qualifier. He scored his first goal for France in a 5–0 friendly win over South Africa on 29 March 2022.

Facts About Matteo Guendouzi

  • Matteo Guendouzi was born in Morocco to a Moroccan father and a French mother. He is the brother of Milan, who is also a footballer.
  • Guindouzi is married to Mae and the couple had their first child in May 2021.
  • A young French midfielder currently plays for Arsenal in the British Premier League.
  • He was born in Poissy, France, a small town close to Paris.
  • So, he actually began his career at Paris Saint-Germain’s youth academy, and then moved to Lorient when he was playing in the French capital.
  • He made it to the professional ranks with that team! Congratulations, Guendolicious. The English team Arsenal signed him in 2018 after he had played two seasons for Lorient.
  • The transfer fee was not disclosed but is believed to be around 7 million pounds. Despite only joining Arsenal recently, he has already had an impact on the team.
  • Thus, coach Unai Emery is very happy with one of his first signings at Arsenal. Emery said: “We are delighted Matteo is joining us.”.
  • A lot of clubs were interested in him because he is a talented young player. He has a lot of potentials!”. Well, put, Unai.
  • He has also played for several French international youth teams.
  • As of yet, he has not played for the senior squad, the world champions Les Bleus.
  • He was also approached by the coach of the Moroccan national team to play for that squad. However, he chose to play for France.


Where are Guendouzi’s parents from?Matteo Guendouzi has a Moroccan father and French mother, he is the brother of Milan who also is a footballer.What position is Guendouzi?MidfielderIs Guendouzi still an Arsenal player?Matteo Guendouzi has made his Marseille permanent, joining the Ligue 1 side in a £9million move. The midfielder left Arsenal for Marseille last summer, initially on loan, and called the decision ‘his best choice in many years.What team does Guendouzi play for?

  • Olympique de Marseille
  • France national football team
  • France national under-21 football team

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Family is the most important thing in this world, and fortunately, they are always there for us when we need them. Matteo Guendouzi watched as a child his father, fail to live out his dream of wanting to become a professional football player. That was the moment he decided to do something about it.Guendouzi grew up watching, with his father, the videos of Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, and others who made history in the year 2004 as they won the premier league title unbeaten.Please accept our sincere thanks for taking the time to read this impressive piece of biography about a Footballer, often referred to as the new Samir Nasri. The native of Poissy, France has his head on his shoulders, and he is helped by a good family environment that allows him to succeed.Our team at news4buffalo is committed to providing you with our Biography of French Footballers with as much accuracy as possible in our daily routine of delivering this information to you. If you notice anything that doesn’t seem to be right with Matteo Guendouzi’s life story, please let us know.