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Romina Pourmokhtari is a Swedish politician (Liberals). In 2022, she became a Member of Sweden’s Riksdag from the Stockholm Municipality Constituency. On 18 October 2022, she was appointed as the climate and environment minister in the Kristersson government, becoming the youngest person (aged 26) to lead a ministry in the country. Pourmokhtari is of Iranian origin.


Romina Pourmokhtari was born on Sunday, 12 November 1995 (age 27 years; as of 2022) in Sundbyberg Parish, Stockholm, Sweden. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.
Romina Pourmokhtari in childhood
She did her schooling at Blackebergs Gymnasium in Stockholm, Sweden, from 2011 to 2014; She was a science student. While in school, Romina was the President of a student council. Thereafter, she studied political science at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. She was introduced to politics by her father, who moved from Iran to Sweden as a political refugee. During a media conversation, while sharing her childhood memories with her father, Romina said,
He has always been able to sit and discuss with me all day. My entire upbringing was marked by the debates with my father, who I almost never agree with but like very much.”

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 6″
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Hazel Green


Romina Pourmokhtari belongs to an Azerbaijani family.

Parents & Siblings

Her father, Ibrahim Pourmokhtari, is originally from Tabriz in West Azerbaijan, Iran, who moved to Sweden as a political refugee. Not much is known about her mother. She has an elder brother, Hamid Pourmokhtari.
Romina Pourmokhtari’s parents
Romina Pourmokhtari’s brother, Hamid Pourmokhtari


Apparently, Romina Pourmokhtari has been dating Fredrik Holwaster for some time.


Romina Pourmokhtari began her career as an IT assistant at Eastern Real High School, Stockholm, in June 2012. She worked there for around three months. In 2014, she began working as a waitress at Tehran Grill AB in Stockholm, Sweden. She worked there for around a year and then joined Urban Deli, a bar-cum-restaurant in Stockholm, as a waitress. Simultaneously, she also gave private tuition on subjects like mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, and English at Studybuddy AB.


In 2014, Romina Pourmokhtari joined the Liberal Youth Association (LUF) in Greater Stockholm as a campaign worker. In October 2016, she joined The Liberals as a political advisor and was responsible for cultural issues in the Stockholm region. She remained active as a political adviser for around three years. In the same year, she was promoted to the Board of Liberal Youth of Sweden.
Romina Pourmokhtari attending the board meeting of The Liberals
In 2018, Romina was elected as the vice president of the Liberal Youth Association, being the first person to become the vice president of the association. In 2019, she became the chairman of the Liberal Youth Association. For many years, she has been involved in political issues relating to education, feminism, integration, and the prevention of honour oppression.
Romina Pourmokhtari discussing her party’s policies during a news debate
During her tenure as the President of the Liberal Youth Association, Romina argued that conscription should be replaced by purely professional defence. She also averred that the parent party Liberals should stick to their liberal migration policy. In September 2022, she stepped down from the position of chairman of the Liberal Youth Association. In the same year, she contested the parliamentary elections in Sweden for The Liberals from the Stockholm County and Stockholm Municipality constituencies. Pourmokhtari ranked sixth on both lists and was elected as the Member of Riksdag. On 18 October 2022, Romina was appointed as the climate and environment minister in the right-wing government by the Prime Minister of Sweden Ulf Kristersson.
Romina Pourmokhtari as a part of the new Swedish government on Lejonbacken terrace at Stockholm Palace

Other Works

In February 2014, while Romina was studying in high school, she, along with a group of people, started a nonprofit project named Jag Har Aldrig (meaning never have I ever) to influence first-time voters in Stockholm to vote. The organisation’s motive was to invite 2000 participants to an event to discuss political issues in an enjoyable environment. In the same year, she joined the project ‘Cilantros Absorbation of Copper in the Human Body’ and was awarded scholarship at international science fair STÅT in Åbo, Finland. In June 2021, Pourmokhtari became a member of the association board of RFSU (Riksförbundet för sexuell upplysning), a non-profit organisation formed for sexual education in Stockholm. Ever since then, she has been involved with the NGO’s work. In 2022, she authored the book ‘Chicken Nuggets På Krita.’
Romina Pourmokhtari’s book


  • She loves reading books in her leisure time.
  • Romina Pourmokhtari is fluent in five languages- French, English, Persian, Swedish, and Azerbaijani.
  • In January 2022, Romina was named in Sweden’s Most Powerful Politician Under 30 list issued by Expressen, an evening newspaper in Sweden.
  • Apparently, Romina has shown her support for the protests in Iran. The protests were provoked after Mahsa Amini, who was detained in police custody in Iran for wearing her hijab improperly died in the custody of police.
  • According to Swedish media, many people were unhappy with the Swedish government’s decision to appoint Pourmokhtari as the climate minister because she had never worked on the issue before. Also, there was no mention of climate-related issues in her personal or professional profile.
  • Pourmokhtari has once been a big critic of Kristersson’s move to closer align his party with the Sweden Democrats (SD). In one of her tweets in 2020, she wrote,
    Ulf Kristersson without SD — Absolutely. Ulf Kristersson with SD — No thanks.”
  • Romina is spotted consuming alcohol on various occasions.
    Romina Pourmokhtari at a restaurant with a friend
  • An avid dog lover, Romina has a pet dog.
    Romina Pourmokhtari’s Instagram post about her pet dog