Android users will not be able to record calls after this day

Google is reportedly coming down heavily on third-party call recording apps on Android smartphones. Starting May 11, app developers will not be able to offer the call recording feature through third-party apps. The company recently made some changes to its Google Play Store Policy and one of these aim to kill call recording apps on Android. As per the new policy, apps are no longer permitted to use Accessibility API for call recording on Play Store.What this means for Android smartphone users
This means that Android smartphone users who are using a smartphone without a built-in call recorder will not be able to record calls after May 11. However, the new changes in the policy, first spotted by a Reddit user NLL Apps, only affects third-party call recording apps. The native call recording feature will still work as usual. So if a user’s smartphone has a built-in call recording option, he/she can continue using it. This means that they can record calls, but not with a third-party app. The phones that offer call recording are Xiaomi, some Samsung and Google Pixel phones. This is because system apps can get any permission as they come pre-installed on the phone. The search giant has been working to stop call recording on Android devices for some time. It blocked access to realtime call recording on Android 6 and further restricted call recording over the microphone on Android 10. However, call recording apps started using Accessibility Service to record calls on Android 10 and later versions. Google has also clarified the policy changes in its developer seminar. “If the app is the default dialer on the phone and also pre-loaded, accessibility capability is is not required to get access to the incoming audio stream, and hence, will not be in violation,” the presenter said during the webinar explaining the Google Play policy updates.The changes were first spotted by a Reddit user NLL Apps. As per the change log, the ban includes:* Two way real call recording including Bluetooth/Headphones* Call recording from microphone or loud speaker* Silent audio recording