Exclusive – Kratika Sengar on embracing motherhood: During the first 5-6 years of marriage, I wasn’t mentally prepared to have a baby

I did a home test because the symptoms were similar to pregnancy. Luckily, I had the pregnancy kit. The moment it showed positive, I just sat in the bathroom. I didn’t share the news with anyone for the next four hours. I was so lost because though I had prepared myself, I was not expecting it to happen so early. Nikitin was in another room, I was just going inside the room and coming out and he saw me doing that. He told me why can’t you just sit why are you going in and out. Then I told him “I am pregnant”, he just started laughing. He told me I should have found a better time to do a prank. Then I showed him the test and he started screaming with joy. I asked him to not scream because I wanted to give our parents a surprise. When we told the family, they got emotional and were happy at the same time. They hugged and got emotional. (Photo: Instagram)