gyanvapi: ‘Survey report lists Hindu symbols inside Gyanvapi mosque’: Key points | India News

NEW DELHI: The survey report of the Gyanvapi Mosque-Shringar Gauri complex was submitted in a “sealed envelope” by a court-appointed commission on Thursday.
However, hours later, the contents of the sealed envelope – including the documents, videos and photographs – were flashed across various media platforms who claimed that they were in possession of the report.
Though the content of the 19-page report has not been verified by any authority, media reports said that the commission had found the presence of Hindu idols and symbols inside the Gyanvapi mosque complex.
Media reports claimed that a copy of the report was allegedly shared by the lawyers of the petitioners.

Here are the ‘findings’ of the leaked report:
The leaked report states that the survey uncovered symbols of a trident, lotus engravings and Hindi carvings in the complex that is located adjacent to the Kashi-Vishwanath temple, according to media reports.
Pillars were also found in the basement of the mosque that have engravings of flowers and a ‘kalash’ (pitcher).
A conical structure was found below the central dome of the mosque and a stone was found with lotus engravings.
Claims of a ‘Shivling’ present in the complex had already been made public earlier and the official who led the survey was removed because of the leak. The mosque committee has said that the ‘Shivling’ was part of a fountain.

The Supreme Court has asked the Varanasi court to not proceed with hearing the Gyanvapi case till the apex court takes up the matter on Friday. The Varanasi court has therefore posted the matter for further hearing on May 23. (With inputs from agencies)