Philips Sonicare Protective Clean 4300: What we think

Electric toothbrushes have been around for a while now. They might not have become mainstream as such but there’s an audience for them for sure. Philips is one brand that is renowned for making electric toothbrushes. The company recently refreshed its Sonicare series and we got a chance to use the Protective Clean 4300. Here’s what we think of the latest electric toothbrush from Philips. If you’re familiar with electric toothbrushes then there’s nothing that will surprise you when it comes to design of the Philips Protective Clean 4300. You get a charging stand and there’s also a travel case. You get one brush head and depending on your usage you will need to replace it. Philips has integrated a smart system that will tell you when the brush head needs to be changed.

The toothbrush is quite slim and looks stylish. It is easy to hold and comfortable to use.

How effective is it?

Philips claims that the toothbrush has a built-in pressure sensor which is automatically alerted in case of brushing too hard to protect the gums. You will get two brushing modes that give side-to-side vibrations, which is synonymous with sonic toothbrushes. Is it effective enough? The teeth do get clean, let’s just say that. The two cleaning modes are handy but they lack consistency. The ‘slow’ mode at times feels way too slow whereas the ‘fast’ one is really good. That’s the mode we ended up using. The pressure sensor is really effective and something that’s quite cool. If you apply too much pressure then the toothbrush stops automatically. At times though, it did feel that it stopped even when the pressure applied wasn’t too much. But that’s how electric toothbrushes are and have their own quirks.
How good is the battery life?Philips claims that the battery life will last for two weeks on a single charge. It is a claim that is quite accurate as the toothbrush didn’t need to be charged for close to 15 days. Charging the toothbrush is also quite fast.

Should you buy it?

At just under Rs 5,000, this is a pretty expensive toothbrush if you think of it in isolation. However, electric toothbrushes cost more or less the same amount. We aren’t sure how long will the head actually last and when it needs replacing that will be an additional cost. Should you buy it? It depends on how badly you want an electric toothbrush. What we did miss is the lack of any ‘smart’ functionality in the toothbrush. The fact is that this isn’t a cheap toothbrush but not an expensive one either as such. It does what it claims to do and that too quite effectively. If you are in the market for an electric toothbrush, then the Philips Protective Clean 4300 is worth a look for sure.