‘Phoenix Ghost’: All you need to know about America’s custom-made drone for Ukraine

NEW DELHI: The US will send its newly disclosed Ghost drones to Ukraine as it ramps up military aid to the war-hit nation.
The Pentagon said the Ghost drones — custom-built for Ukraine — are well suited for the coming fight in the Donbas region.
But besides this, little is known about the drones which are yet to be shipped to Ukraine. Here’s what we do know …
Live updates: Ukraine-Russia conflict
* The drones, called Phoenix Ghost, are roughly similar to the Switchblade drones already being sent to Ukraine.
* The drone will be capable of surveillance but ultimately used to crash into a target and explode on impact.
* “Tactical drones” such as these are useful in destroying high-value targets because they fly directly into them.

* The new drone was developed rapidly by the US Air Force after discussions with Ukrainian troops about what kinds of weapons they need.
* US officials said the Ghost drones are well suited for the coming fight in Ukraine’s Donbas region which has a flat terrain reminiscent of the state of Kansas.

* Over 121 Phoenix Ghost Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems would be provided to Ukraine as part of the new arms package.
* Officials said the training for the Ghost drones would be similar to the training on the Switchblade. However, they declined to detail training plans or say how many Ukrainians would be trained on the new system.

* The drones are part of America’s $800 million additional military aid to Ukraine, where the battle has intensified in the last few days.
* Little else is known about the drones, including their range and precise capabilities except that they were designed mainly for striking targets.
(With inputs from agencies)