Planning to buy AC, TV, refrigerator or other appliance in Amazon sale: Don’t miss to check these 8 things

Amazon Summer sale is live. With deals and offers, this may be the time to upgrade your TV, washing machine or any other appliance/appliances in your home. Or maybe buy the one you have been planning to for sometime. However, before you go for the AC, TV, refrigerator or other appliance make sure that you check these 8 important things. 17

​Replaceable or Refundable

Most big-ticket appliances like ACs, TVs, refrigerators and more are Replaceable and not Refundable. This means that in case there is some damage or other functional issue with the appliance, it will be replaced. Buyers cannot ask for refund. So do not miss to check this to avoid hassles later.

​Warranty available

Remember Amazon is a marketplace. The company does not sell its own products, except those under AmazonBasics branding. So make sure you check the warranty on the product you are buying. This may differ from seller to seller. While some may offer Manufacturer’s warranty, others may give seller warranty. There is a difference between the two. Manufacturer’s warranty means that if you are buying a Samsung product, the warranty will be provided by Samsung. In case of seller’s warranty, the seller who you buy from will offer warranty in case of any repair or other issue. Check the number of years the warranty is off too.

​Extended warranty offered

Many companies also offer extended warranty on paying a minimal amount, look for the same. You may also go for insurance on gadgets like phones that are offered by some brands.

​Installation charges

Do check if you need to pay extra for installation. It is important to check this and factor in the extra cost. Also, this may vary from product to product and brand to brand.

​Is the product Amazon Fulfilled

Check if the AC, TV, refrigerator that you are buying is Amazon Fulfilled or not. Items Fulfilled by Amazon are stored, packed, and dispatched by Amazon. You can identify items Fulfilled by Amazon by looking for the Fulfilled by Amazon logo.

​Go for ‘Open Box Inspection’

Some big appliances come with Open Box Inspection. This mean that the delivery associate will unpack your order package at the time of delivery for your inspection. You can verify the order to ensure right product is delivered without any damages and has the required accessories enclosed. Open Box Inspection is available on pre-paid scheduled delivery orders for TVs, microwave ovens, washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerator products in select pin codes. Open Box Inspection eligibility messaging will be displayed on the product detail page. Post inspection if you find the product is correct, damage free and has required accessories enclosed and damage-free, delivery associate will request for a 6-digit confirmation code to confirm open box inspection status. Once the confirmation code is shared, your delivery will be confirmed. Please share the confirmation code only if product is correct, damage free and has required accessories. Amazon does not accept returns for damages for orders where open box inspection has been completed and delivered successfully. As per the company’s terms and conditions it asks shoppers that if post inspection they find the product to be damaged or have missing parts/accessories to refuse the delivery and not share the 6-digit confirmation code. The delivery associate will take the product back with him. The amount paid will be refunded. If a product is found to be damaged, has missing accessories or is completely different from ordered, only a refund can be issued. You will need to place a new order to buy the product.

​Make sure the device is new and not refurbished

It is not easy to make this mistake, but still do make sure that the product you are buying is new and refurbished or renewed. This may be especially the case if the price is too low.