Solar Eclipse 2022: How the partial solar eclipse can affect your health

Sky gazers will witness this year’s first majestic solar eclipse on May 1 (as per Indian timing). The partial solar eclipse will take place when the Moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun, obscuring Earth’s view of the Sun partially. This solar eclipse will be visible in southern South America, parts of Antarctica, and over the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The event will not be visible to people residing in India as it will take place at midnight. The partial eclipse will begin at 12:15 am (Indian Standard Time) on May 1 and will end at 4:07 am. It will be at its peak at 2:11 am.

Impact of the solar eclipse on our health
The solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon, but it is believed to have a tremendous effect on our health, mostly not in a good way. As per Indian mythology, special precautions need to be taken during this time to stay safe from the harmful effect of the Grahan (Eclipse). Pregnant women in particular are advised to stay at home and avoid looking at the Grahan for her and her baby’s safety. However, science does not agree with all the beliefs in the relation to solar grahan that are mentioned in Indian mythology. So, it is entirely up to you if you want to follow them or not. Here are some ways solar eclipse is believed to impact our health:

Eye problem
Watching Surya Grahan with naked eyes may damage your retina and in the worst case, it can even lead to blindness. This is the only health concern backed by science and advised to strictly avoid watching the eclipse without any precaution. The rays of the Sun are concentrated during the eclipse and watching it with naked eyes may damage the delicate cells of the eye. Solar eclipse should be viewed with special glasses. Even sunglasses or photographic negatives are ineffective.

You may feel lethargic
As per some spiritual research, the eclipse may make you feel a bit tired or lethargic. Even if you were feeling energetic all day, when the grahan will begin, you may feel exhausted and may have no strength to carry out your regular work. It is advised not to make any big decisions during the grahan.
It can lead to a digestive issue
It is a mythological belief that the eclipse may disrupt your digestive system. You may have to deal with nausea, vomiting, indigestion and constipation. For the same reason, people are advised to avoid eating and drinking anything during the eclipse.

Mood change
As per another theory, during an eclipse one may have to deal with drastic mood changes. Mood swings, irritation, negative thought, lack of concentration, and uneasiness may also bother you during the eclipse. It is advised to remain calm and avoid any type of conflict.


Eclipses are considered particularly bad for pregnant women. As per some theories, pregnant women should not step out of the house during the eclipse as it may be harmful to them and their babies. They may even face difficulty during delivery or their children would be born with abnormalities.

Other precautions to take
In India, it is also advised not to travel during the solar eclipse or do any auspicious task during this phase. Drinking, eating or sleeping is also prohibited. Once the eclipse is over, people take a bath then carry on with their usual work. It is essential to understand that these are just notions mentioned in Indian mythology and may not have any health benefits.

Will it be visible in India?
People residing in India will not be able to see the eclipse because it will take place at midnight as per Indian timing. It will begin at 12:15 am and end at 4:07 am.
What is a Partial Solar Eclipse?
A partial solar eclipse occurs when the sun and moon are not perfectly aligned in a straight line. The moon can cast a shadow on the Sun, which appears like a crescent shape as though the moon has taken a bite of it.
Can Solar Eclipse lead to health issues?
Watching Solar Eclipse with naked eyes may damage the retina and even lead to blindness. Other than that there is no scientifically proven adverse effect of Solar Eclipse on health.