Apple discontinues iPod Touch: Where you can still buy

The iPod as we know it is officially dead. On May 10, Apple announced that it’s quietly discontinuing the $199 iPod Touch, the latest version of its iconic MP3 player. Basically an iPhone without the whole phone part, the iPod Touch will still be available “while supplies last,” and if you’re seeking a dedicated music player or kid-friendly iOS device — or just need an occasional break from your phone — there are some good reasons to scoop one up while you still can.

Though we don’t know exactly how long they’ll be available, as of this writing, the iPod Touch is currently available on Apple’s website as well as most big third-party retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. You can score one in Space Gray, silver, pink, blue, gold and Product Red, a nice range of colors that includes some vibrant hues you won’t find on the new iPhone 13 range. Here’s where to buy the latest iPod Touch, and why you might want to.

An affordable iOS device great for kids

A great device for kids or those seeking a dedicated music player, the latest iPod Touch packs a vibrant 4-inch screen and dependable performance into an attractive, pocket-friendly design.

Why would you want an iPod Touch?

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Considering virtually everyone uses their smartphone as a music player, what’s the point of buying an iPod these days? For starters, the $199 iPod Touch makes for a great first iOS device for younger users who don’t need a full-on phone just yet — especially considering it’s more than half the price of even the cheapest iPhone.

It has access to the trove of apps and games on Apple’s App Store, meaning kids can play Roblox, watch their favorite YouTube videos or jam out to Disney soundtracks without having to constantly borrow an adult’s phone. And thanks to Apple’s robust iOS parental controls, you can set screen time limits and app restrictions to make sure your little one isn’t in front of a screen all day or accessing any inappropriate content. This could also help prepare the youngsters in your life for their first handset — the iPod Touch was my first iOS device back in 2008 or so, and by the time I got an iPhone a few years later, I was able to hit the ground running.

The iPod Touch also makes for a good secondary device for Android users who want to enjoy some of iOS’ exclusive apps, games and features without having to switch to an entirely different phone. You’ll no longer have an excuse to be left out of group chats or FaceTime calls.

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Finally, Apple’s newest iPod may hold some appeal for old-school or minimalist users who truly want a device just for playing music. Smartphones fill up fast with apps, photos and messages, so serious listeners who prefer to download rather than stream could get a lot out of a dedicated music player — especially if you’re loading up on space-eating, high-resolution audio files. You’ll also have the freedom to enjoy some tunes on the go while taking a break from your phone, which is something we can all use a bit of these days. And unlike the latest iPhones, the iPod Touch still gets you a free pair of EarPods in the box — and even includes a headphone jack!

No matter your reason for buying one, you’ll get a pretty snappy and modern iOS device for your money. The latest iPod is effectively a slimmer iPhone SE, packing a vibrant 4-inch screen, a decent 8-megapixel camera and an Apple A10 Fusion processor that delivered smooth performance for apps, games and augmented reality experiences in our seventh-gen iPod Touch review. Better yet, it supports the latest iOS 15 software update, so you won’t miss out on features like customizable home screen widgets or SharePlay for watching movies together over FaceTime.

Bottom line

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In its press release, Apple stressed that the spirit of the iPod lives on through the company’s range of smartphones, tablets and dedicated speakers like the HomePod Mini. And while that’s true, I’m sure many of us feel a fondness for the days of loading up our music libraries on the chunky, click-wheel iPod, taking the sleeker iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle on the go or discovering iOS for the first time on an iPod Touch.

Fortunately, the latest iPod Touch remains a great buy for kids, digital music snobs or hardcore Apple collectors. If you want to own what very well could be the last iPod ever made, don’t miss your chance.