Clay Travis: This is what Ron DeSantis is saying to Disney

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Clay Travis defended the Florida bill taking away Disney’s self-governing status, following their response to the Parental Rights in Education Bill on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

CLAY TRAVIS: For a long time, Brian—and you’ve seen it play out time after time—these woke companies walk up and just punch the conservative, the Republican, the Libertarian, whoever it is a little bit right of the landscape here, right in the mouth and they say, “You take it” and they just completely hew to the demands of the woke universe. Here what Ron DeSantis is saying is “OK, if you’re going to falsely label bills that we passed in Florida as the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill’ when it’s the Parental Rights in Education Bill and it’s just saying, by the way, kindergarten, first, second third-grader (I’ve got a first grader) there’s no reason for them to be trained in sexual orientation or taught it. We’re going to throw a punch back at you, Disney, and you’re going to have to take it.” And I think actually, Brian, this is how you get some form of equilibrium back because everybody out there has gotten the idea we have to respond to the woke universe or else there are going to be consequences. Now there are consequences from the other side and I think the result is Disney is going to say, “Hey, you know what? Maybe we don’t need to be a political organization. Maybe we can just focus on entertaining people.” Walt Disney would be rolling over in his grave over some of these choices.