Energy expert calls on Biden to ‘focus’ on solutions and ‘unleash’ American energy

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Energy expert Toby Rice weighed in on how President Biden can help Americans and reduce the nation’s surging gas prices on ‘Special Report.’

TOBY RICE: You know, prices are set by supply and demand and the administration is right, one of the solutions to lowering prices is to increase supply, and that is where the focus needs to be, not on vilifying this industry, because we are doing everything we can to do our jobs and lower energy prices for Americans. This industry is coming off a major recession where oil prices were negative and we’re getting back up to speed. And there’s a tremendous number of things that we can do to help support this industry so that we can continue to do the great work that we do. And one of those things is adding more pipeline infrastructure, is a way that will allow us to do more drilling and bring more supply to the market. But without pipeline infrastructure, there’s nothing we can do here to add more supply to the market.