Media ‘not calling’ Biden on his repeated lies to American public: Sen. Ron Johnson

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Sen. Ron Johnson detailed how the liberal media have covered for President Biden Tuesday on “Hannity.”

SEN. JOHNSON: [N]ow we know from an email that [President] Joe [Biden] was apparently paying for Hunter’s legal bills to set up his Chinese joint venture when he was transitioning, I think out of his sweet deal of Burisma into 2017, when those funds were running out, so he had to set up a new business venture in China. And Joe Biden was apparently paying for those legal fees. So, listen, President Biden has lied repeatedly to the American public, but the media is not calling him on it. And … one thing that’s going to be on the ballot in November is truth versus lies and distortion. And you’ll notice these revelations – the missing $5.2 million worth of income – those are being reported by The Daily Mail. They’re being reported by The New York Post, not the newspaper of record, The New York Times and The Washington Post. They’re just doing their modified limited hangout, just telling as little as they possibly can. 

[President Biden canceled] the China Initiative, which was the Department of Justice investigation into Chinese theft of our intellectual property [from] American universities. So, no, Tony Bobulinski was right. President Biden is compromised. He was compromised. Chuck Grassley and I tried to warn America, but the press suppressed it.