Newt Gingrich says ‘a hard line, pro-abortion extremism’ lacks appeal to most Americans

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Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich showed how a “pro-abortion extremism” will harm the Democratic Party Tuesday on “”Hannity.”

GINGRICH: The fact is, inflation matters. Collapse at the border matters. Crime matters. High prices for gasoline and food [matter]. And in the middle of all this, the corruption of the Biden family matters. And I think the Democrats are going to discover that the [Jan.] 6 committee doesn’t matter to most Americans, and they’re going to discover that a hard line, pro-abortion extremism doesn’t appeal to most Americans and in fact, will accelerate their loss of African-American and Latino voters who are culturally conservative. So you’re in the middle of a genuine revolution. Ohio is one of the places reminding us that in the real world – outside of Washington, … The New York Times and the big networks – in the real world, that revolution is still underway. 

If you look at the extremism of the radicals who would literally allow abortion on the day of the birth, would allow the baby to be killed after it’s born – basically infanticide; I think it’s crazy. And remember, this is a Democratic Party which is on the verge of replacing Mother’s Day with Birthing Person’s Day. My newsletter at Gingrich 360 this weekend is going to be on which do you identify with. If you think it ought to be Birthing Person’s Day, you ought to be a Democrat. If you think it ought to be Mother’s Day, you ought to be a Republican. It’s that simple. And that’s why they’re going to lose, and I think lose maybe for two generations, because they’re just nuts.