Piers Morgan: Cancel culture is a form of the fascism that woke liberals ‘say they hate most in life’

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Fox Nation host Piers Morgan exposed the woke left’s hypocritical approach to free speech Wednesday on “Hannity.”

MORGAN: This new cancel culture is in a way, it’s a form of the very fascism that these so-called liberals who profess to be woke – it’s a very form of fascism they say they hate most in life. So, they’re going around trying to dictate what we can find acceptable, what is funny, what we’re supposed to be allowed to watch on television or movies. What statues we can reveal, what historical figures we can respect, and so on. And if you don’t toe the line, now they’re going to use violence to make you do it. That is fascism. And it shouldn’t be happening in modern day America or Britain or anywhere else. This is so-called “democracy.” 

I’ve watched the Hunter Biden laptop scandal being suppressed and so on. Is that their idea of free speech? Because if the people who did that are now going to dictate to the American people what free speech is – that’s a really concerning moment. And it shouldn’t be happening. The American people should be free to express themselves in any way they see fit. And if the government really is serious about disinformation – look in your own backyard and stop peddling your own disinformation. And that applies in America, it applies here in Britain. My message to Ofcom – regulate the government on some of the stuff they come out with.