Republican ‘scumbag’ politicians listen more to donors than their own voters: J.D. Vance

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GOP Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance ripped Republican leadership which he said ‘sold out’ their own voting base on issues they were elected to defend, Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

J.D. VANCE: The battle for Republicans is not just against the elites and not just against the left, it is against the leadership of our own party. We have to remember the leadership of the Republican Party sold us out on trade, the leadership of the Republican Party has fought consistently against strong and secure borders. So while Republicans keep on sending people to Washington, we keep on winning elections in the Republican Party, we don’t get the policy that we want, and we don’t get the policy we deserve because we keep sending basically scumbags who listen to the donors more than they do to their own voters. That is one of the reasons I am running. I think we finally need to have some Republicans who are not terrified of being called bad names by the media and are going to stand up for our own voters, our own people. Is life getting better in this country for normal Americans? The answer obviously is no and that simple question needs to be answered yes if we’re going to have a country worth living in.