Sean Duffy calls out Democrats for likening conservatives to cult members

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Sean Duffy  criticized Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md. Friday on “The Ingraham Angle” for Raskin’s comments likening conservatives to cut members who need deprogrammed.  

SEAN DUFFY: Isn’t [Democrats] the party that wants to talk about sex and transgenderism with five, six, seven-year-old kids in school? And they’re saying Republicans are part of a cult. Or these are the ones that are calling parents who are protesting CRT at school boards, are calling them domestic terrorists, and Republicans are in a cult? I mean, this is the insanity. And I think what happens here, Jason, and you as a chairman, we’re both in Congress, you see the press, what they do. They swarm around you. They’ll ask you hard questions, mean questions. They try to do gotcha questions with Republicans. 

But these guys, because there’s not freedom of speech, they don’t hear it on Twitter. They don’t hear it from the press on the hill. They don’t hear it when they go home. So they live, they live in a bubble. He actually believes that Republicans are living in a cult, and I think what he’s going to have to discover is, you don’t have to deprogram Republicans in Congress, you have to deprogram all the American voters because they’re going to throw his butt and his party out of Congress in November, and they’re going to be in a deep minority because Americans are sick of this garbage.