Tyrus shares lessons from new memoir: You will be ‘attacked on both sides no matter what’

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Fox News contributor Tyrus warned that you will be “attacked on both sides no matter what” Saturday on “One Nation with Brian Kilmeade.”

TYRUS: A lot of times people always … try to put everything in a box. And you’re going to get attacked on both sides no matter what. And in some cases, like for me, I was light-skinned. So if somebody darker than me had an issue with me, they would bring up the color of my skin. The same as if I was in a white neighborhood and someone didn’t like me, they would bring up the darkness of my skin. So people do the same things regardless of what color they are. So when you get put in a box by mainstream media and stuff and they try to make it one side – you’re going to get it from both sides. But it’s not what they’re saying to you, it’s how you react to it and how you move on from it that defines you. 

You have to let [doubt and anger] go. And I got a lot of friends, especially, for some reason, you see a lot of it in athletics, and maybe that’s what turns a lot of young men to sports. But they carry that flame, they’ll play that game. And you’ll see a moment where they’ll look in the stands, or they’ll see another player’s family together, and you’ll see that look. And I knew that look. And then one day you have your own kids, or you get in a situation where you realize, “Man, I’m glad he wasn’t there because I’d have ended up just like him or maybe had some of his habits. So I was better off without him.”